cody-9newsI had the pleasure of knowing both Allyson and Rachel, but was Rachel’s physical therapist. One of the pleasures I had working with Rachel was helping to make her smile. And what made her smile was doing things by herself. With the help of equipment and technology there wasn’t much she couldn’t do. She could walk, she could drive her chair and she could even ride a bike. Fortunately, adaptive equipment exists to allow kids just like Allyson and Rachel to participate in everyday activities with their peers. Unfortunately, most insurance companies do not fund any piece of equipment that isn’t considered medically necessary. This can be limited to wheelchairs and bath chairs only. The other unfortunate truth is that something like an adaptive tricycle costs upwards of $1,000 – nothing like the $35 Radio Flyer most of us buy for our own kids. One of the goals of the Two Angels Foundation is to assist families with funding their children these simple pleasures in life. So I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you for assisting Dawn and Roger with this cause.

Beth Hutchinson Physical Therapist at The Children’s Hospital

She absolutely loves it. I can hardly get her to stop riding it. The therapist is also very pleased because Emily is so motivated to ride it. It provides wonderful therapy for her. She is finally getting much needed weight bearing exercise. It is a lot of work for her but she loves it and pushes herself to do more each day. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful activity for Emily.

Emily’s mom

They both love it and we love to hear them say "look I'm riding my bike". What a difference in our daughters lives you have made. They are now closer to being like their friends and the physical component is unbelievable for strength training, endurance and balance. The boost to their self confidence is immeasurable.

Our deepest and most sincere thanks.

Parents of Julia and Tara

If you are looking for a wonderful organization to donate to on Colorado Gives Day, this is one of our favorites. Please consider giving to Two Angels Foundation. They got Jadyn his adaptive bike and put smiles on so many kids' faces.

Chelsea Arenas

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers that make these experiences possible, with this organization, Two Angels Foundation, Inc. and with Adaptive Sports Association.

Jay Hardesty