A huge THANK YOU to all who supported the “All in for Angels Poker Tournament” and the Two Angels Foundation. Our 10th anniversary event this year attracted over 70 players competing for the trophy and 1st place prize of $2,100. The generosity of all the players made it possible to raise $12,600 for the Two Angels which is the highest ever. The donation of $2,000 was added to $3,150 for the total prize pool. There were several players that donated money back that totaled $1,700. The net to the Two Angels is $11,150 that will be used to help so many deserving kids. I look forward to seeing you all next year.

Below is a list of the players and prizes with all players winning a custom Two Angels Foundation Jacket:


Jon Marshall won the grand prize of $2,100. He battled hard to go heads up and was able to get some much needed double ups. Once he gained the chip lead he kept the pressure on Tiffany. The final hand had some pre-flop raises and an all-in shove and call. Jon had K 10 with top pair on the board and Tiffany was holding pocket 7’s. Blanks on the turn and river gave Jon the win.

2nd place 

Tiffany Hastings went out in 2nd place and won $1,100. This was her third straight final table. She had a big chip lead when the heads up battle began but gave out a few double ups from which she couldn’t recover. She will be looking for her fourth final table in a row and first win next year.

3rd place

Derek Brown won $800. He fought hard but fell short with the chip leader to his left and not doubling him up.

4th place

Zech Lucero won $500. He has made the final table before but was out of town the last two years. He made up for it with a great run this year.

5th place 

Doug Moore won $400. This was his fourth final table with one win and two runner ups. The $400 dollars went directly to the Two Angels Foundation and he will try hard next year to be the first two time champion.

6th place 

Derick Wangaard won a free room at the Lodge Casino and $100 at the White Buffalo restaurant.

7th place  

Mike Driscoll won $250. This was Mike’s second final table and he was looking for his first win.

8th place

Ryan Gordon went out on the bubble which is always tough. For being the bubble we will personally get his add-on donation next year

9th place

Dave Brown had a huge rooting interest since his brother Derek was still in the game.

10th place

Thad Barnes, a previous champion he has made several final tables and will keep looking to become the first 2 time champion.